Monday, 10 November 2008


There are moments in music when things become clear - moments when out of the noise comes something that makes sense, something that totally fits. Ponytail are all about those moments.

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Ponytail peddle their own unique take on the whole 'art noise' (see people like No Age and Times New Viking) thing that's 'so hot right now'. But to write Ponytail off as just self-indulgent noise is, I feel, to severely underestimate these kids - what's important here is the moments when, out of the confusion of noise, come something which makes everything click and merge into something that just works, completely and utterly works.

When I first saw Ponytail play live, I couldn't but be excited. There's just something really cool about four kids making a lot of noise and jumping around. The crowd didn't know what to do with themselves and in the end they just had to have fun and forget about how it looked. Awesome.

Ponytail have just released their new album Ice Cream Spiritual and it comes highly recommended. This is a song off it:

Ponytail - Beg Waves

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