Sunday, 16 November 2008

Lord Auch

Georges Bataille was an essayist, librarian, philosophical novelist, and "metaphysician of evil"... amongst other things . His interests were sex, death, degradation, and obscenity. In 1928 he wrote and published a book under the pseudonym of Lord Auch called Story of the Eye which was all about sexual taboos and committing suicide in cupboards.

This is where Lord Auch got the name for their band from (I'd assume.) Formed from ex-members of Leeds' Black Wire (who, I have on good authority, were brilliant), Lord Auch manage to coolly merge a rock'n'roll classicism, with the creepier side of Nick Cave, and a certain post-punk intelligence. Overall they sound like a gloomy Arcade Fire, dressed up like Teddy Boys, playing a show in a batcave.


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