Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Barney's Top 10 Albums of 2008

10 The Night Marchers-See You In Magic (Vagrant)

Jon Reiss, He of Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes and Drive Like Jehu fame, does not make bad albums. When he surrounds himself with former members of Hot Snakes and CPC Gangbangers he is not going to make a bad album. See You In Magic is not a bad album, it's a great album. Bred from four guys who just know what they like and know how to write dirty, hooky, swaggering tunes.

9. I Was A Cubscout-I Want You To Know There Is Always Hope (XL)

This album didn't really do much for me upon its release. There was a couple of good singles but the rest was spoiled with what i thought were pointless build-ups excessive use of glockenspiel and nothing really to grab hold of. Then i put it on for one of my longer flyering walks and it all worked. The gorgeous layers of synths, the subtly intricate drumming all topped off with todd marriots captivating and utterly unique vocals. Tragically inner tensions forced the band split up. Todd went on to form Omes and drummer William is now playing in Brontide

8. The Bronx-III (White Drugs/Witchita)

I love The Bronx but this album isn't their best by a long way. However that still in my eyes puts them head and shoulders above the majority of other bands of there. It's a bit more rock and a bit less punk but it hasn't dulled their ability to write music that transcends genre boundaries and makes you feel like you can crush cars for half an hour

7. Failsafe-The Truth Is... (Smalltown)

A new a label gave this Preston five piece a new lease of life and The Truth Is... does not disappoint. Removing all traces of their earlier ska sound they have morphed fully into a post-hardcore powerhouse that marry the energy of hardcore with sky-scraping melodies and huge harmonies. Incredible live as well

6.Cancer Bats-Hail Destroyer (Hassle)

Every year i need my fix of heavy music and this year Cancer Bats were that fix. This, their second album proper, is a melting pot of big riffs and pure visceral energy. Liam's vocals really control the songs and i cant wait to finally catch 'em live.

5. Tegan & Sara-The Con (Sire)

Paddy got away with an 'actually released in the states in 2007 but released in 2008 in the UK' so i'm gonna have one too. This is simply a great pop record. Produced by Chris Walla of Death Cab fame and featuring members of AFI, the Rentals, and Death Cab they'll have a new record out in the new year but you can do a lot worse than check out this as well as there back catalogue.

4.Murder By Death-Red Of Tooth and Claw (Vagrant)

Big discovery for me was this band, i'd always heard the name but not really the music. Like a cross between Johnny Cash and Nick Cave given a punk twist and cracking instrumentalisation.

3.Fucked Up-The Chemistry Of Common Life (Matador)

Like Poison Idea covering Pink Floyds dark side of the moon this album was both forward thinking yet packed full of energy. Amazing live

2.Rolo Tomassi-Hysterics (Hassle)

An absolute mindfuck of an album bonkers, tight and heavy as anything and played by the most talented musicians who aren't yet able to rent a van.

1. The Gaslight Anthem-The '59 Sound (SideOneDummy)

I know this is on Paddy's list but this is simply and incredible album. Gut-wrenching at points uplifting at others there is not much that needs to be said otter than buy this record as soon as you can.

Near Misses: Paddy already had Johnny Foreigner and Attack In Black but they're both amazing. The new Slipknot record is amazing. I couldn't have two albums released in the states in 2007 but in the UK in 2008 so Say Anything's 'In Defence of The Genre' couldn't go in even though its ace. The new Rise Against is solid

Best Album 'From 2007 Which I Only Heard in 2008 But Is One Of My Most Listened To Albums Of The Year"-Polar Bear Club-Sometimes Things Just Disappear

Best Live Album: Future Of The Left-Last Night I Saved Her From Vampires

Best Gig: The Gaslight Anthem @ ULU

Best E.P's:
Blakfish-See You In Another City (Big Scary Monsters)
Ok Pilot-S/T (Freakscene)
The Computers-You Can't Hide From The Computers (Fierce Panda)
Danananakroyd-Sissy Hits (Holy Roar)
Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man-The Lay Of The Land, The Turn Of The Tide (Transgressive)

Best Singles
Haunts-Live Fast, Die Young
Johnny Foreigner-Salt, Peppa and Spinderella
The Gaslight Anthem-The '59 Sound
The Holdsteady-Sequestered in Memphis
Friendly Fires-Paris
Sigur Rós-Gobbledigook
Weezer-Pork and Beans
Biffy Clyro-Mountains

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